Weight loss goal:


Illinois Half Marathon
April 3oth COMPLETED

Barking Dog Duathlon

Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic

August 28th -COMPLETED

Need to add a race here... any suggestions?


More than excited about this race that goes through my hometown. My brother (athlete-supremo) and I will run our first marathon together...he of course will finish 2hrs before me! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot run day

4 x 200 sprints

I was a bit dehydrated afterward. I guess I haven't been taking care of myself.

Drank water at practice & all night long. I feel better now.


Swimming fail

Bought pro goggles. Why? Because I thought they were cool & I had a gift card so they were free.

Result: blind swimmer... Water crept in & kept fogging.


Swimming fail 2

Wednesday Open water swim with natural hair that when pressed is more thank shoulder length ... Hair will not be contained by a swim cap. This produces a blind swimmer on open water whose bump into you because she cannot sight.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Healthy big big breakfast

After a race weekend it is hard to get back to healthy eating.

Race weekends:
Eat what I want as long as I know it won't negatively impact my race day tummy.

After race weekends I go back to my high protein diet & necessary added carbs for workouts.

Carbs for workouts.
35g per hour workout.( more than a slice of whole grain 100calorie bread) usually these are processed because they are easier to find & fast to eat.

Here is a snapshot of today's breakfast. There is no way u can eat it all in one seating. So I will come back to it after doing a minor chore... Dishes.

First I eat my high proteins ( to sustain me during the day) which are the 3 egg whites one yolk scramble. 3/4 cup cottage cheese. Then I will come back for the carbs. Protein added oatmeal apple chai sugar free & 1 small apple. I probably will not eat all of the oatmeal.

130 calories

Cottage cheese:
150 calories
18g protein
7.5 grams carbs

170 calories
8g protein
28g carbs

80 calories
22g carbs
0g protein


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big Sky Duathlon

Saturday June 9th I had a duathlon (run/bike/run) race in Bennett, Co called the Big sky Duathlon. I arrived at the Bennet Community Center at about 615am to pick up my packet (race number) and swag bag. I placed my bike in transition and walked some of the run course. I had a ketogenx bar and a bottle fo water for breakfast, which was not enough. 150 calories... :( The race morning was nice and warm 70degrees at the start. No jacket required for the run start. I wore my Aquaphor tri kit, sunglasses (no hat), racebelt and almost retired Nikes. In transition I spoke with my karma teammate Julie and a lady named Audrey who had set up in transition near me. She and I talked about Aquaphor and active ambassadors. she seemsinterested. Run 1 (2.5miles) I have been learnign to run with arthritis in both knees so the first run was a little uncofortalble. There was a lot of walking. I finished the first run in 32:27. Transition 1 As I ran into transition, I instantly found my helmet grabbed my shoes and ran my bike out to mount. I saw my karma teammate Julie (who was there as part of a relay) and she cheered for me. 0:50 Bike: (15miles) When I got on the bike I felt sluggish, and drank tons of water, ate a Gu and 3/4's of cliff peanutbutter bar and by mile 5 I felt a lot better. At mile 6 I saw a snake in the road, not usual...and I thought to myself I should either stop andlet it pass, or give it tons of room. The snake was one I hadnt seen before It was about 20-24inchdes long and about 3inches in diameter, dark scales brown and black. I decided to ride past and gave it about 4 feet of space. The snake decided this was not enough room and coiled up. I instantly tensed up my left calf in fear and screamed NO at the snake(like it understood!). the snake did not strike, but I was left with a calf cramp. I spent the remaining 9 miles stretching my calf on downhills. Other than my slugish start and crampy calf I felt the bike was ok. I finished 9 minutes slower than I would have liked. I wanted to finish the bike in an hour. Also A bonus for me on the bike was that my friends Carla and Kay were on their 65 mile bike ride and passed me (like i was sstanding still) durring my race, and they took some time to shout at me! That felt great to see them. 1:09:48 Transition 2 As I rode up to T2 i forgot how fast the turn came. I almost overshot the transition area in the parking lot. I ran to my position and racked my bike. took off my helmet, grabbed my water and haeded out ont he course. I saw Arielle (Cassie's friend) at the mat, ticking off runners as they came by.0:50 Run 2 (2.5miles) The second run was so warm. I think it was about 82 at this point and not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky. I found this run more difficult I had a leg cramp in my right leg now. My left was stretched out. I figured the right leg cramp must be dehydration so I'm glad I grabbed my water because the aid stationwas about 1.25 miles away. I walked and stretched and walked and stretchd and drank my water. After about 15 minutes I felt better and decided to run all the paved portions. There is about a 1 mile total section ( int he two loops) that is unpaved and a little tretchurous for me b/c i'm not a trail runner i'm not that good at thinking and running. So I walked that part. 36:27 Finish. I ended my run talking to a father daughter pair who were running and looking for their 3rd member the daughters husband. They felt bad b/c this was his first race ever and they lost him. I assured them he was behind us about 3/4 mile. As I saw him finished I let him know they were looking for him. I cheered in my new friend Audrey who was just a few minutes behind me. we grabbed food and happily sat down to chow on our subway sandwhiches chips, and botlled water. Awards I love to stay and cheer for those who recieve awards. Little did I know... I won third place ATHENA! Athena is women 150lbs or more. As I am 6'2, for health reasons I will never be under 150lbs. I couldnt believe it. YAY! I got my Big Sky Duathlon pint glass as a trophy and texted the family. woot woot Drawing: I love to win things! This time in the drawing I didnt...Thats ok. I was happy with 3rd place! Wrap up: Bennett, Co. who knew!? Very excited to be a participant, have the opportunity to see what my body can do and have my first podium time as an adult. Honest

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Karma rehersal triathlon

Usually I am a gung-ho gun! (anime reference) This time I decided to be nice to myself... Instead of doing the sprint rehearsal i did the mini. The mini triathlon consists of: 10 min or 400m swim 7 mile bike 1.5mile run I started the morning explainign to my coaches that I am a bit whimpy and dont know what my knees cando so I thought it best that I bump myself into the mini and out of the sprint. They were cool withthis. Swim: 10 min timed out. I only did 300m. Darn. So they pulled me out of the pool. Transition 1. I was the first to transition and was suprised by this as I know there are much stronger swimmers and thought they would have finished the 400 in 8 mins and been gone on the bike already... NO Bike: I was the first bike to leave. I did the course last year so I remembered most of it. I made a special note to myself at this point. IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU ARENT GOIGN TO WIN...KNOW THE COURSE! So I focused on where the volunteers were located and I worked the course that way for the first 3 miles until Emily caught and passed me. Emily is a strong simmer and aws doing the 800m swim and is super fast ont he bike so she caught me no problem. Back to the bike course. This course is interesting. Kipling St in Lakewood, Co (carmody Rec)has a big hill. To start the bike you fly downthat hill feelign like a speed deamon, then you make a right on Morrison and head west on morrison road and ride those hills. We peaked into a cute neighborhood and then quickly came back out not before taking on some micro hills in that hood. Back out onto Morrison Road we went down the hills only to face going up Kipling St Hill again (carmody rec). OH.... MY.... GOSH... I did this hill last year with no problem... none.. and I did it twice!!! This year... i stoped abut 50 ft from the summit and walked. I kept popping wheelies and did not feel comfortbale with it. *sigh* I finished the bike woot woot! Transition 2 parked my bike took off helmet. Run: yay run course it was a great breezy morning still and I went out on the run very concious of my knees from the bike climbing. They were stiff and I walked a bit ont he 1.5 mile run. Not reallymuch to mention on the run other than 1.5 miles that day felt the best for my knees. It didnt over work me as i did walk/run. Finish: snacks and namely fritos! Yum!!! lol I had a great massage from Symmetry Massage and enjoyed talking with my teammates. I leaned that Julie was going to run the Big Sky Duathlon and told her I would look for her there next week.