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Illinois Half Marathon
April 3oth COMPLETED

Barking Dog Duathlon

Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic

August 28th -COMPLETED

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More than excited about this race that goes through my hometown. My brother (athlete-supremo) and I will run our first marathon together...he of course will finish 2hrs before me! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Karma rehersal triathlon

Usually I am a gung-ho gun! (anime reference) This time I decided to be nice to myself... Instead of doing the sprint rehearsal i did the mini. The mini triathlon consists of: 10 min or 400m swim 7 mile bike 1.5mile run I started the morning explainign to my coaches that I am a bit whimpy and dont know what my knees cando so I thought it best that I bump myself into the mini and out of the sprint. They were cool withthis. Swim: 10 min timed out. I only did 300m. Darn. So they pulled me out of the pool. Transition 1. I was the first to transition and was suprised by this as I know there are much stronger swimmers and thought they would have finished the 400 in 8 mins and been gone on the bike already... NO Bike: I was the first bike to leave. I did the course last year so I remembered most of it. I made a special note to myself at this point. IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU ARENT GOIGN TO WIN...KNOW THE COURSE! So I focused on where the volunteers were located and I worked the course that way for the first 3 miles until Emily caught and passed me. Emily is a strong simmer and aws doing the 800m swim and is super fast ont he bike so she caught me no problem. Back to the bike course. This course is interesting. Kipling St in Lakewood, Co (carmody Rec)has a big hill. To start the bike you fly downthat hill feelign like a speed deamon, then you make a right on Morrison and head west on morrison road and ride those hills. We peaked into a cute neighborhood and then quickly came back out not before taking on some micro hills in that hood. Back out onto Morrison Road we went down the hills only to face going up Kipling St Hill again (carmody rec). OH.... MY.... GOSH... I did this hill last year with no problem... none.. and I did it twice!!! This year... i stoped abut 50 ft from the summit and walked. I kept popping wheelies and did not feel comfortbale with it. *sigh* I finished the bike woot woot! Transition 2 parked my bike took off helmet. Run: yay run course it was a great breezy morning still and I went out on the run very concious of my knees from the bike climbing. They were stiff and I walked a bit ont he 1.5 mile run. Not reallymuch to mention on the run other than 1.5 miles that day felt the best for my knees. It didnt over work me as i did walk/run. Finish: snacks and namely fritos! Yum!!! lol I had a great massage from Symmetry Massage and enjoyed talking with my teammates. I leaned that Julie was going to run the Big Sky Duathlon and told her I would look for her there next week.

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