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Illinois Half Marathon
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Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic

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More than excited about this race that goes through my hometown. My brother (athlete-supremo) and I will run our first marathon together...he of course will finish 2hrs before me! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big Sky Duathlon

Saturday June 9th I had a duathlon (run/bike/run) race in Bennett, Co called the Big sky Duathlon. I arrived at the Bennet Community Center at about 615am to pick up my packet (race number) and swag bag. I placed my bike in transition and walked some of the run course. I had a ketogenx bar and a bottle fo water for breakfast, which was not enough. 150 calories... :( The race morning was nice and warm 70degrees at the start. No jacket required for the run start. I wore my Aquaphor tri kit, sunglasses (no hat), racebelt and almost retired Nikes. In transition I spoke with my karma teammate Julie and a lady named Audrey who had set up in transition near me. She and I talked about Aquaphor and active ambassadors. she seemsinterested. Run 1 (2.5miles) I have been learnign to run with arthritis in both knees so the first run was a little uncofortalble. There was a lot of walking. I finished the first run in 32:27. Transition 1 As I ran into transition, I instantly found my helmet grabbed my shoes and ran my bike out to mount. I saw my karma teammate Julie (who was there as part of a relay) and she cheered for me. 0:50 Bike: (15miles) When I got on the bike I felt sluggish, and drank tons of water, ate a Gu and 3/4's of cliff peanutbutter bar and by mile 5 I felt a lot better. At mile 6 I saw a snake in the road, not usual...and I thought to myself I should either stop andlet it pass, or give it tons of room. The snake was one I hadnt seen before It was about 20-24inchdes long and about 3inches in diameter, dark scales brown and black. I decided to ride past and gave it about 4 feet of space. The snake decided this was not enough room and coiled up. I instantly tensed up my left calf in fear and screamed NO at the snake(like it understood!). the snake did not strike, but I was left with a calf cramp. I spent the remaining 9 miles stretching my calf on downhills. Other than my slugish start and crampy calf I felt the bike was ok. I finished 9 minutes slower than I would have liked. I wanted to finish the bike in an hour. Also A bonus for me on the bike was that my friends Carla and Kay were on their 65 mile bike ride and passed me (like i was sstanding still) durring my race, and they took some time to shout at me! That felt great to see them. 1:09:48 Transition 2 As I rode up to T2 i forgot how fast the turn came. I almost overshot the transition area in the parking lot. I ran to my position and racked my bike. took off my helmet, grabbed my water and haeded out ont he course. I saw Arielle (Cassie's friend) at the mat, ticking off runners as they came by.0:50 Run 2 (2.5miles) The second run was so warm. I think it was about 82 at this point and not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky. I found this run more difficult I had a leg cramp in my right leg now. My left was stretched out. I figured the right leg cramp must be dehydration so I'm glad I grabbed my water because the aid stationwas about 1.25 miles away. I walked and stretched and walked and stretchd and drank my water. After about 15 minutes I felt better and decided to run all the paved portions. There is about a 1 mile total section ( int he two loops) that is unpaved and a little tretchurous for me b/c i'm not a trail runner i'm not that good at thinking and running. So I walked that part. 36:27 Finish. I ended my run talking to a father daughter pair who were running and looking for their 3rd member the daughters husband. They felt bad b/c this was his first race ever and they lost him. I assured them he was behind us about 3/4 mile. As I saw him finished I let him know they were looking for him. I cheered in my new friend Audrey who was just a few minutes behind me. we grabbed food and happily sat down to chow on our subway sandwhiches chips, and botlled water. Awards I love to stay and cheer for those who recieve awards. Little did I know... I won third place ATHENA! Athena is women 150lbs or more. As I am 6'2, for health reasons I will never be under 150lbs. I couldnt believe it. YAY! I got my Big Sky Duathlon pint glass as a trophy and texted the family. woot woot Drawing: I love to win things! This time in the drawing I didnt...Thats ok. I was happy with 3rd place! Wrap up: Bennett, Co. who knew!? Very excited to be a participant, have the opportunity to see what my body can do and have my first podium time as an adult. Honest

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